Westwork Painting & Remodeling is a local business that does exactly what its name suggests. They needed a website that would look fresh, get new business, and most importantly, not break the bank. The result was a simple, effective, and well‐optimized site that will last for years to come.

The site’s single‐column layout makes scaling easy and caters to user priorities. While larger screens display a colorful hero image, smaller phone screens have information and navigation above the fold.

Responsive Everything

The site was created with a mobile‐first, progressive‐enhancement approach. It makes heavy use of responsive imagery to deliver photography optimized for browser and screen characteristics.

Calls to Action

Both the writing and the design of the site focus on encouraging customer engagement, whether it’s social media, reviews, or contacting the business directly. Frequent activity on secondary sites reinforces search rankings for the website itself without requiring constant updates.

Search Engine Optimization

Carefully written copy and semantic code improves the site’s rankings and discoverability. Thorough analytics gives constant feedback on search traffic and allows further improvements on the site to capitalize on audience behavior.