The Roya T1 multivitamin is the world’s first multivitamin made specifically for Type 1 diabetics. They had a beautiful design in mind, but quickly found it too complex for visual editors like Squarespace. Roya came to me to help them realize their design, and I was able to do that while improving accessibility and sales performance.


While the product originally launched as a simple one‐time purchase, I helped Roya move to a subscription model to improve customer engagment and recurring revenues. The site works around Shopify’s inherent limitations to provide the smoothest purchasing experience possible, augmented by Google Analytics for insight into customer flow and marketing ROI.


The original design was created with image placeholders as product photography was not yet complete. The final high‐resolution photos needed lighting adjustments and transparency knockouts to match the site, and finding matching stock photos was a challenge as well. I was able to edit all the photos together for a consistent, on‐brand experience.


Page speed is critical for any sales site, particularly one where 90% of the audience is on a mobile phone. The Roya site is optimized for immediate interactivity and short load times, with responsive images and server‐side enhancements. The site delivers in spades, with frequent sub‐second load times.