Hype Interactive is a full‐service digital marketing firm in Chicago and Denver, for whom I am a developer. The previous website was beginning to show its age, and we decided it was time to renovate. The new site was built with ASP.NET Core and emphasizes performance and simplicity.

The site’s single‐column layout makes scaling easy and caters to user priorities. While larger screens display a colorful hero image, smaller phone screens have information and navigation above the fold.

Responsive Design

The site was developed with a mobile‐first, progressive‐enhancement approach. The layout provided a quick and easy way to scale up to the full width of the original design.

Continuous Delivery

The development pipeline is based on VSTS, which hosts the Git repository as well as the CI service. Builds are automatically deployed to Azure, allowing rapid prototyping and easy updates.


Agressive caching on both sides of the connection keeps the site fast and responsive. Eligible media are automatically compressed and committed to minimize load times.